We will consider two options of the same article published under different names in two magazines – "Components and technologies"( Компоненты и технологии) and "International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trend".

As a scientific method we use process of "filtration", of a synonym of which dictionaries specify by one "filtering"[1].

Having filtered names of articles via the professional editorial filter, you are convinced of what the famous author equally badly writes both in English, and in Russian. About this feature of the compositions issuing from the fast pen of the outstanding intellectual of the 21st century it is told in my notes, lampoons, reviews, feuilletons placed on pages of the world famous website about mythology, surrealism and other latest directions in relay protection.

What has the outstanding author in names of the opuses posted on his websites at the same number – pleased 211

(figure 1) with?


Figure 1 Opus 211. TWO variants TWO


Of course, new word "Bisiness"! As well as it is necessary to the editor, I have looked for this word on the Internet which kindly has offered me such answer (figure 2) and 17 more other translations.


Figure 2 New word


There is an involuntary wish to recommend to the author the mnemonic rule for check of writing of this English word – in a kitchen garden бузинесс, and in Kiev – the uncle!

"Free knowledge" of English allows the author "to pereperet" into Russian of the word "BARRIER SURFACE" from the standard MIL-STD-188-125 as "A steel dividing wall" though nothing about material of which other details of the board shown in this drawing neither in the standard are made nor in opuses is written nothing!!!!

Really for protection against high-rise nuclear explosion in a board from aluminum alloy from it is necessary to establish a steel dividing wall? One is good that the author in this opus doesn't demand installation in a bulkhead as it was in earlier published compositions.

Without limiting itself to a logic framework, the author, as well as earlier, an easy stroke of a feather, connects need of protection against high-rise nuclear explosion there is nothing other, as with expansion of application of microelectronics!

Here, as well as in the new opuses, the author with persistence, worthy the best application, continues to develop the latest direction in relay protection – militarism.

Without any justification the author suggests to extend all principles of protection used for military systems to general industrial systems and products for which specialized standards are provided, for example, [1].

It should be noted that in one of publications of the author isn't specified who after all prepares nuclear explosion? I will note that discussion of a condition of the author demanding protection of everything and all from the persuasive high-rise nuclear explosion advertized by him, is beyond the review of his opuses.

For "overclocking" of volume the author places used by him earlier in other publications "pictures" of various filters. At the same time the author doesn't trouble himself change of English-speaking inscriptions in version of article in Russian.

It should be noted, as here the author "generously" uses an adjective "powerful". Earlier for protection against high-rise nuclear explosion he suggested to use "powerful crocodile", now for the same purpose he uses "powerful filters". Long-term experience of use "тремпеля" (Shirt hanger in Kharkiv fnd around) has an effect!

The absence at the author of practical experience of design of electrotechnical systems follows from placement of the drawing by him on which the diesel generator with the filter is represented.

The affection is caused by the phrase commenting on this drawing: "... there are even diesel generators supplied with EMI filters".

The author doesn't trouble himself the comment about purpose of this filter. The object set by him – "to overclocking" article, - is reached. To what some comments and explanations.

From them there can be clear an irrelevance of placement of at least two, and even all three illustrations with EMI filters.

It is interesting that the author has devoted the second section of the opus to "analysis" of the EMI nuclear explosion parameters influencing the choice of means of protection. But begins this section absolutely with another – from what represents EMI nuclear explosion.

Really in tens of previous opuses he hasn't managed to understand it? Strange, only in the list of references to this article five of his publications are specified this theme. Of course, self-citing favourite the author a scientific method, but how many don't speak the halvah mentioned in "Dukhless"(ДухLess) substance remains invariable.

Reading this section, necessarily there is a wish to learn how the hindrance influences "the high frequency" the equipment. But, unfortunatelyn the opus nothing is told about it.

The inability is visible to be written in Russian practically in every line of the new opus. That such phrase can mean: "… the majority of EMI filters have very limited working tension …?"(«…большинство фильтров ЭМИ имеют очень ограниченное рабочее напряжение…?».    

Any electrotechnical product has quite certain characteristics which the designer has to consider before to make the decision on that "… directly to turn on the filter in the electric chain subjected (so at the author, sic!) to influence of EMI.".

By the way, it is interesting to learn why the filter should be turned on in a chain after it was subjected to influence of EMI?! The author habitually is silent.

Further the author suggests to consider "both aspects separately from each other".

Consideration of these aspects is limited to copying of texts from already published opuses and placement of drawings with "powerful varistors" and "especially powerful supressor".

It is forced to quote written by me about similar texts earlier here:

"It is unimportant that many enterprises use such limiters of tension in all Digital relay protection devices (ЦРЗА) for a long time.

No matter, that in many cases it is better to use the varistor.

It is important that the word SUPRESSOR (СУПРЕССОР) beautiful, aglitsky!"

But two more drawings passing at the author from the opus into the opus "overclocking" the volume of the next, 211th opus, to the huge sizes.

The author isn't so naive to write simply – "the price of filters is too high". He writes "… EMI have the high cost, especially power filters calculated on big currents …"!.

      The author of the opus filters EMR "... occupy a large volume, not always available ...".

It is interesting how it is EMI manage to occupy the volume which is unavailable?

At the author doesn't raise doubts that use "… the small inexpensive varistors connected not in a section, and parallel to the protected objects …" is possible.

I won't multiply the quote. It is time to draw results.

Result 1. The author still doesn't know how to cook article for the publication.

The author doesn't know anything about need to structure material.

The author doesn't guess at all that "The novelty is what distinguishes result of this work from results of works of other authors".

Result 2The author of 211 opuses (apart from several books and versions of these opuses in "aglitsky" language), hasn't managed to learn to write competently in Russian.

Several quotes given above from the opus 211 demonstrate it.

Result 3. The bibliography in version 211 of the opus written on Cyrillics still consists generally of "works" of the author (5 of 6 works in the list belong to the author).

Why does that happen? Yes just on the fact that any reference to the real scientific works on this subject will show full technical insolvency of the author.

The bibliography allows the reader to define base of a research and to make idea of scientific positions of the author.

And the bibliography, attached to this opus, speaks only about unscientific positions of the author.



1. GOST P 51317.6.5-2006 (MEK 61000-6-5:2001) Compatibility of Technical Means electromagnetic. Resistance to electromagnetic hindrances of the technical means used at power plants and substations. Requirements and test methods.

(ГОСТ Р 51317.6.5-2006 (МЭК 61000-6-5:2001) Совместимость технических средств электромагнитная. Устойчивость к электромагнитным помехам технических средств, применяемых на электростанциях и подстанциях. Требования и методы испытаний)

[1] От лат. filtrum — войлок, англ. filtration, фр. filtration

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